Newsletter April 2021

Bring your walls to life

WARA brings you the finest collection wallcovering.

There are design wallpapers in our collections to suit all tastes, styles and interior design themes. If you prefer a more unique wallpaper design creation, our design team is here to hear you request.

Hotel Park Inn – Stavanger

The material of the wallpaper is a digitally printed fabric with a coated light grey back and a weight of 300 g/m2. The grey back coating makes the substrate virtually opaque. The surface has a textile texture.


The vinyl coating is very robust and makes surfaces scratch-proof, impervious to dirt and hygienic. The light does not reflect on a wall, which makes it very suitable for rooms where a lot of daylight enters. Homogeneous ink absorption Brilliant colour reproduction Vibrant colour print reproduction

One piece style – Slaakhuijs Rotterdam

We can print at up to 3m wide and up to lengths of around 15m meaning we can offer seamless graphics to cover standard wall heights in one joint free piece.

New in-house designs

The possibilities of graphic designs are inexhaustible. Our designers have been brainstorming and are becoming super excited for new designs to show to you based on the needs modern day society: they all reflect our flow of thoughts. Let us know what is in your mind. You will see that our designers listen carefully to your wishes and needs and realize them as visuals. Unique designs for your interior concept

Retro Futurism

The trend to use retro and vintage styles designs have been back around for years now. The most recent trend is that designers use inspiration from vintage sources and update them to a more modern design.

Roots in nature

It will not surprise you that designs has its roots in nature. Designs inspired by nature gives us back a sense of the simple and basic live. Sometimes this is what we exactly need, an image that will calm the atmosphere, slow down the pace, and be pleasant. Colors became smooth, more grounded earth tones