Framed artwork

Framed artwork

WARA has over 30 years of experience in the realization of large scale (framed) artwork. We have also added several extras to this customised service over the years. So you have come to the right place for the creation of personalized designs. Our printing and production departments are also a valuable addition to our range of services. In any case, are you looking for framed artwork or solutions in the field of framed canvas prints? Then it is definitely worthwhile to discover our offer here at WARA!

Wide choice of wooden and metal frames

At WARA, we have ensured that our customers can choose from an incredibly varied range of different wooden and metal frames. At the moment you want to order framed artwork, you will always find a frame in our offer that will perfectly meet all your expectations. Regardless of the type of frame you may ultimately choose, you can of course always count on an excellent price-quality solution.

Framed artwork with different dimensions

When ordering framed art for hotels, for example, it goes without saying that they have to fit in perfectly with a certain environment. This can be a large, public space, but also a hotel room, for example. Depending on the location, specific dimensions will always be indicated. This is no problem at all for us. For all our framed art solutions, the dimensions can be perfectly adjusted to your requirements. In other words, do you need large framed artwork? Then you can order this from us without any problems.

Framed artwork for different sectors

Framed works of art or decoration come into their own in any environment. By using framed art, for example, the message you wish to convey can be given extra strength. As a renowned artwork supplier, we have customers from various sectors. This applies not only to the hospitality and commercial sectors, but also, for example, to the health care sector. So, for example, are you looking for specific framed artwork for hotels? In that case, too, we can be of service to you without any problem!