Framed artwork

Framed artwork

We stand for craftsmanship, skilled labor, passion and love for beautiful framing. We aim to deliver the highest quality and we are always looking for the best possible solutions. WARA has over 30 years of experience in large scale framed artwork and art for hotels. We still make the frames by hand, which means that we will always pay attention to detail and ensure quality.

Wide variety of profiles

With over 10.000 different profiles we can ensure that there is always a frame that will fit your artwork. WARA has done many projects around the globe: hotel corridors, public areas, presidential suites, and rooms of 5-6-star hotels. Through our framing we are always able to make the chosen artworks look even better. This can either be done by choosing a frame that subtly blends into the rest of the room, or by letting the frame make a bold eye-catching statement.

Framed artwork in different dimensions

Whether we are dealing with a large format for public spaces, or a smaller picture frame for rooms or corridors, because of our own manufacturers, we can create framed art based on any available dimensions.

Framed artwork for different sectors

Framed art can be an addition to any room. Our clients are major hotel- and resort chains, private hotels, hospitality in general, offices and healthcare. We provide art for hotels, art for cruise ships, art for health care, art for hospitals, art for restaurant and art for offices.