Custom Mirrors

Professional advice

WARA provides its clients with professional advice regarding the realization of a custom-made mirror. As a specialized mirror framing company, we can help you with a diverse range of solutions. Do you have very specific wishes? These are all negotiable. We make every effort to create a custom-made mirror in accordance with the requirements you have set.

A mirror frame tailored to your wishes

In practice, a mirror can be made in a wide variety of ways. For this reason, we always ask you to inform us of your requirements. In the first instance, you can indicate what dimensions the mirror should have. In addition, the type of mirror frame is also important. Moreover, many parties come to us with a self-conceived design. Do you have this too? Then we can tell you how this can best be realized. Whatever wishes or expectations you may have in other words, we will help you realize them!

Unbelievable range of options for mirror frames

You can of course choose to use a standard mirror. However, there is a good chance that the mirror will not be able to meet all your expectations. Luckily there is another way. By choosing our mirror frame molding solutions or mirror frames, you will have a mirror that is perfectly customizable. The beauty of it all? That there is always a clear commitment to the budget. So you never have to fear any unpleasant, financial surprises.

Any extras for your mirror?

Of course, one mirror is not the other. In particular, the place where it should hang always influences the exact requirements. Take the bathroom, for example. A mirror that is hung in this room may possibly need a certain extra. In this area, think in particular of mirror heating. Are you looking for a framed wall mirror with mirror heating? Then this is definitely one of the possibilities!

Always a mirror of high quality

As a professional mirror framing company, we always guarantee our customers products of excellent quality. This ensures that an excellent price-quality guarantee is always guaranteed. All our products (including custom-made mirrors) are also IMO certified. This is an important requirement within the cruise sector. The many years of experience our company has at its disposal ensures that we have a very extensive expertise. This expertise means that we are always able to choose the most appropriate materials for the product you wish to realise.

Our mirrors are available worldwide

WARA is based in Amsterdam. This excellent location ensures that we can ship our products worldwide. The packaging of our products is always done with the utmost care. This of course also applies to labelling as well as to the required paperwork. In this way we can guarantee our customers an all-round excellent service and quality. Are you also looking for the most professional solutions in the field of art and mirror framing? Then you have come to the right place!