VOCO Hotel The Hague

Art from around the world

Traveller theme

When you enter the VOCO hotel The Hague you will step into an old traveller theme that is combined with a modern, green interior concept. For this project we have made a virtual tour around the world to collect beautiful and authentic goods for the suites, rooms and public area of the hotel. As a visitor you will not be bored and find authentic boardgames in the public area of the hotel.

Ethnic tapestry

Every culture of the world has it’s own patterns and ways of visually communicating. Often this visual communication is shown through beautiful textiles that are used for clothes or carpets. We collected 20 unique tapestries, all with their own story, representing traditions of several cultures. The one shown in the image on the right is a Berber carpet. Other cultures we used carpets from include Persian, African, Indian (patchwork) and Native American.

Mandala above bed

This mandala carved from wood was inspired by Thai beliefs, culture, philosophy, society and religion.

Dried Flowers

To complete the old traveller theme, we added old vintage dried flowers to the rooms. To display these flowers we used a brass frame with leater cord. The vintage flowers we used are: ferns (Pterdium), euca leaves (Nicoly Red, Pavigfolia, Populus), Broom Bloom, Acroclinium (Helipterum roseum) and the iconic Gypsophila.

Bathroom art

You can also find the traveler theme in the bathroom art. Here we focused on sailing culture and framed images of old sailboats. We also added handwritten old postcards to tell the story of the traveller. Greetings from..

Framed artwork

The decorations of this hotel are a mix of modern design and an authentic vintage traveller theme. The delivered framed artwork is a good reflection of this combination of styles. On the shelves above the desk we have placed modern art with a wooden profiled small frame.

Dutch tiles

Our Dutch heritage could not be forgotten in our tour around the world. We have installed old Dutch tiles in the bathroom.

Old and nautic instruments

For the suites and public area we collected a variety of unique accessoires to strengthen the traveler theme.