Budget & Value Engineering

Artwork within the budget

Art for the hospitality industry, business sector or healthcare institution is the specialty of WARA. We realize a work of art entirely in keeping with your storyline in the form of a total concept that makes your project a success. Our team of specialists has extensive know-how on how we can realize beautiful works of art that fit perfectly within the storyline of the project and the set budget and timeframe. We apply Value Engineering so that the goal and budget are better matched, decisions are made faster and we increase the value of performance and costs. With this methodology, WARA is able to provide your hotel and restaurant with tailor-made quality art within the agreed budgeting and time.

Detailed design and estimation (Value Engineering)

Whether the project design is complete or is still in the design phase, discussing the variations in the designs and artworks is incredibly important. Even from the initial phase we can make a rough estimate of what the designs and art can cost, which is financially feasible with your budget. Our team of experts will present the material choices of the artworks with costs, ntaking into account the approach to the route. We will present the options to you and advise you which ones best suit the project.

Beautiful artwork within a fixed budget

WARA has knowledge of materials. Our team can map your wishes and advise cost saving opportunities within a design. Without this being at the expense of the concept. In particular, these opportunities are focused on the choice of materials. Ultimately, together with you, we choose the most suitable solution and we manufacture the design for you.