Concept Supporting artwork

Decorations that will support your concept

The best advertising is no advertising; storytelling can help create a place that will make people talk about the brand! WARA is your partner for bespoke decorative solutions. We know better than anyone what storytelling entails and how it can be added efficiently in decorations such as picture frames or wall visuals.

How we create story telling decorations

In the realization of concept supporting artwork we first look at the influences that relate to the interior concept. Different factors are taken into account such as: the interior style, the graphic elements that are present and the potential historical background involved. The elements of the concept are then used in the design of, for example, a piece of framed art. In practice, several elements can perfectly come together in one image and be processed graphically. In this way, extraordinary forms of decoration or art can be created.

Our graphic design team

Our in-house design team has the experience, knowledge and techniques to translate your concept through high resolution scans of photography, image editing and color management.

The way we work

We work according to the golden c’s: Concept, Communication and Cost Control. The interior design with the associated concept is the main focus in our proposals and designs. By working closely together and due to good communication between WARA, the interior designers, and the owners, we always ensure that we deliver decorations that fit the concept and the budget perfectly.