Concept Supporting artwork

Art to support your interiorconcept

We are proud to work over more than thirty years with creation of different kind of arts. Over the years the questions increased to create and collect more concept supporting artwork. When developing an art concept we must take into account the environment of the artwork. When we are involved by the realisation of a new of renovation of hotels, restaurant or cruise ships, we always consider the interior concept an is also leading in our proposals

How exactly is concept supporting artwork created?

In the realization of concept supporting artwork we first look at the influences that relate to the interior concept of the space in question. Different factors are taken into account, such as:

The type of style used
The graphic elements that are present
The potential historical background involved

The elements of the concept are then enlarged in the design of for example the framed art we can provide for hotels. In practice, several elements can perfectly come together in one image and be processed graphically. In this way, extraordinary forms of decoration or art can be created.

What is the purpose of concept supporting artwork?

Our hospitality art consultants always make every effort to work as efficiently as possible towards an optimal end result. In the case of concept supporting artwork, this means that the decoration has to merge with the environment of the interior concept. When it comes to hotel wall art in particular, it has to tell or supplement a certain story. Various examples and possibilities can be cited in this respect. For example, authentic photographic material can be used, which helps support a historical narrative. The possibilities in the field of concept supporting artwork are of course endless in practice.

The unique added value that WARA can offer you

WARA is an extension of the interior concept. Where as a client you have to make enough choices with regard to furniture and technical components, WARA supports you with curating art. Due to our empathy, our studio artists are able to think along in many concepts. We are not restricted by a unique line of thought. In fact, we are enthusiastic about your project and reinforce your concept by using art.