Installation done by UHP

Installing artworks done by UHP

WARA makes every effort to provide its customers with a complete solution tailored to their needs. This does not only mean that we are responsible for the delivery of high quality products. When you order high-quality framed artwork from us, it goes without saying that it must be integrated into the desired space as optimally as possible. You probably don’t want to leave anything to chance in this area. You don’t have to! Thanks to our alliance with UHP we work with professional and experienced mechanics, so that you can also count on the best service when it comes to the installation of your purchased items.

Placement according to clear agreements

Are you going to outsource the installation of your framed wall art and framed wall mirror? In that case you can call on our services without any problem. WARA takes care of the contact with both the client and the installer. Clear agreements are always made in this respect. These agreements relate in particular to the date and time on which the installation will take place. In addition, a contact person is appointed. At the office, WARA is always kept informed of the installation. This way we can provide the complete package and take care of all responsibilities.

Best integration in the desired space

We at WARA can take care of the delivery and placement of many different objects in an interior. When you look at our offer, you will be able to choose from many different types of decorations. Are you looking for framed art for hotels? Then you can not only order this framed art in consultation with our hotel art consultants, but also have it placed. This way, you can always be sure that your hotel wall art is optimally integrated into the space without you having to do anything yourself. Our experienced installers do everything.

It goes without saying that framed canvas prints are not the only things that can be installed by us. This also applies to window film and mirrors, for example. Our customers often order mirrors from us that are completely tailored to their wishes. We can hang these for you so that you don’t have to worry about them. This way you can be completely sure that the mirror in question will be installed without any issues.

A high-quality handling of your order

WARA strives to guarantee its customers the best possible quality across the board. This applies not only to the products that are produced, but also to their installation. The extensive partnerships we have with various companies ensure that we can offer our customers the best possible service in terms of installation. In addition, it is possible to work internally to arrange assembly for our customers. This applies in particular to installing framings.