Transport & Logistics

Transport kunstwerk

Transporting your artworks

WARA is known to be an extremely reliable partner in the field of both transport and logistics. Both nationally and internationally, we are able to deal with all possible transport problems. As a client, you are never responsible for the transport that has to be carried out. You don’t have to arrange anything yourself. In this area, too, we are able to provide total relief for all our clients.

Accurate handling of the required paperwork

At a time when (international) transport needs to be arranged, it goes without saying that this involves a lot of work. At WARA, we ensure optimal handling of all transports. In the first instance, this means that all the required paperwork is drawn up in a completely correct manner. When a shipment leaves for a foreign country, it may contain several items.

In-house facilities

At WARA we have all the necessary facilities to handle your transport in the most optimal way. In our warehouse, for example, we have the possibility to make crates. At our office, we also produce the necessary adhesive vouchers. The paperwork is also handled with the greatest possible care here. It is also possible for us to have people drive internally to deliver a certain shipment. This is especially the case for products that have to be delivered in our own country and Belgium. Deliveries just across the border with Germany can also be made by our own drivers.

Special attention to logistics

Also in the field of logistics, we always take care of an optimal handling of all orders. In practice, this means that all our products are correctly labelled. This, of course, also simplifies the installation on location. Whether this will be done by us or by a third party makes no difference in this respect. Upon receipt, it is immediately clear which rooms certain decorations have to go to, as well as which wallpaper track numbers have to be mounted, etc. In terms of logistics, we also offer our customers the best possible service.

Always assured of optimal packaging

At WARA, we pay particular attention to the packaging of our products. In this way, damage during transport can almost be excluded. A framed wall mirror, a large print wallpaper and unique framed artwork are always packed with great care. In any case, it should be clear, also in the field of transport & logistics we guarantee quality service to our customers!